Had an Accident?

We can help

  1. The first thing to do in an accident is stay calm. Get the other party’s information such as:
    • driver’s license
    • name
    • address
    • phone number
    • make and model of vehicle
    • plate number

    Take down any witness information, if available.

  2. You only need to contact the police if:
    • the vehicles are not drivable,
    • someone is injured,
    • someone is impaired or
    • it is a hit and run.
  3. Next you make the call to SGI to report the accident and make arrangements to book your car in for an estimate. For your convenience the SGI dial a claim numbers are listed here.
    • After hours-1-800-647-6448
    • East Claims-775-6100
    • Northwest Claims-751-1665
    • Commercial Claims-775-6000 (for tow-ins)
  4. Once SGI has done your estimate, contact us and arrange to fax the estimate over to us. Our experienced staff would be pleased to help you through the repair process from start to finish and answer any questions you might have.